Tijana Ivanović and Dušan Savić have been selected as the Harvard Club of Serbia scholarship recipients for the year 2017.

Based on the Scholarship Competition for final-year students of accredited universities in Serbia, announced on the Harvard Club of Serbia’s website, the Scholarship Award Committee of HKS has decided that this year’s recipient of the “Čedomilj Mijatović” scholarship in the field of social and humanistic sciences will be Dušan Savić, a student of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Belgrade. Additionally, the recipient of the “Draga Ljočić” scholarship in the field of natural sciences will be Tijana Ivanović, a student of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy at the University of Belgrade.

The scholarships were awarded amidst intense competition from numerous outstanding candidates, as it has been for the past three years. The Harvard Club of Serbia is confident that successful careers in their chosen fields lie not only ahead for the selected candidates but for all the students who applied for the scholarship. The goal of these scholarships is to assist the recipients in pursuing their academic and professional aspirations in accordance with the high standards promoted and upheld by Harvard University, one of the world’s leading institutions. Additionally, the aim is to emphasize the significance of quality education and support students whose acquired knowledge can contribute to the progress of our society in the future.

The scholarship for students in social and humanistic sciences is named after “Čedomilj Mijatović,” while the scholarship for natural sciences is named “Draga Ljočić,” in honor of scientists who not only made exceptional contributions to the development of science in Serbia but also to the well-being of its citizens.

Čedomilj Mijatović (1842-1932) was a Serbian economist, writer, historian, politician, and diplomat. He is considered the founder of modern Serbian diplomacy. He served as Minister of Finance of the Principality-Kingdom of Serbia six times, Minister of Foreign Affairs three times, a candidate for the highest church positions, and the President of the Serbian Royal Academy. He is the man responsible for introducing millimeters, kilograms, liters, the dinar, the central bank, and the railway system in Serbia.

Draginja Draga Ljočić (1855-1926) was the first Serbian female doctor, a prominent feminist, and suffragist. After great effort and overcoming social prejudices, she became the first female doctor in Serbia and a full member of the Serbian Medical Society, making significant contributions to the development of pediatrics in our country.

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