Scholarship Recipients - Harvard Club of Serbia Alumni Club

At the beginning of each calendar year, the Harvard Club of Serbia opens a competition for two scholarships, each worth one thousand euros, for students from accredited higher education institutions in the Republic of Serbia. To be eligible, students must have enrolled in the winter semester of the final year of their first-degree academic studies, with a minimum GPA of 9.0 in previous years of study.

One scholarship is awarded to a student in the natural-mathematical field, and the other to a student in the social-humanistic field.

The scholarships are named after scientists who have not only made exceptional contributions to the development of science in Serbia but also to the betterment of its citizens. The “Čedomilj Mijatović” scholarship is for students in social and humanistic sciences, and the “Draga Ljočić” scholarship is for students in natural sciences.

The decision on the scholarships and the official ceremony for their awarding are organized by the end of April in the same year.

The selection of candidates for the scholarships is based on their previous academic performance, a motivational letter, achievements, awards, and other diplomas and certificates, two academic recommendations, and their knowledge of English and other foreign languages.

Students who are shortlisted may be invited for an interview in Serbian and/or English with the members of the Harvard Club of Serbia Scholarship Award Committee.