About Us

The Harvard Club of Serbia was founded on June 29, 2004, as a non-profit association of citizens and is a part of the network of Harvard University Alumni associations. There are more than 150 Harvard clubs worldwide, with the Serbian club having around 50 registered active members, over half of whom are permanent residents in Serbia, while another 200 Harvard alumni are located abroad.

Since its establishment, the Club has organized various social, educational, and recruitment events. Our Club’s members are graduates of undergraduate and postgraduate programs from various fields, including law, business, political science, public administration, medicine, architecture, and many others. Among them, you can find entrepreneurs, civil society leaders, diplomats, government ministers, journalists, educators, and artists.

Apart from their affiliation with Harvard, which is regarded as an unparalleled bastion of knowledge in the world, Serbian members of the Harvard Club also share a strong belief in meritocracy and a desire to promote the idea that through hard work, effort, and, above all, knowledge, personal and societal progress can be achieved, regardless of origin or financial status.

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Our Mission

The Harvard Club of Serbia serves as a meeting place for all residents of Serbia and visitors who have studied or attended programs at Harvard University. The club’s goal is to support Harvard graduates throughout Serbia, maintain connections among members and their alma mater, and promote the values and mission of Harvard.

Our Purpose

The general purpose of Harvard Clubs is to enhance the mutual well-being of Harvard and its alumni by:

  • Providing opportunities for alumni members, parents of students, and friends of Harvard to come together and serve as advocates, articulating the University’s role and direction,
  • Promoting and increasing the University’s reputation within the community through club programs,
  • Offering opportunities for alumni members to stay connected with the University and to serve the University,
  • Encouraging lifelong learning, intellectual enrichment, professional growth, and social interaction through forums of continuing education and development,
  • Attracting the most talented individuals from all around the world to Harvard.

We are registered with the Agency for Business registers of Serbia as a non-profit civil organization.

Our Partners

The Harvard Club of Serbia has become a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia and a member of the Fulbright Alumni Association. We also collaborate with the Embassy of the United States in Serbia, the Kokkalis Program for Southeastern Europe at Harvard University, and rely on the support of the Harvard Alumni Association and other Harvard clubs and programs.